Financial Services: Niche Skill Sets

Client: Capital One


Capital One’s core processing applications were managed and controlled by a third party software vendor using that vendor’s products and data center resources. This outsource model is much more prevalent in smaller banks. As Capital One has been transitioning from “the credit card company” to a full service retail bank, they wanted to have more control than the outsourced vendor could provide over maintenance, upgrades, enhancements and support for these core banking applications. As a result of the outsource model, Capital One lacked internal resources with enough knowledge of these applications to implement the transformation.

Softworld Delivered:

With Softworld’s 20+ years of experience supporting banking clients and the myriad of vendor applications used by customers, we were able to hire and assign to Capital One a team of consultants with specific application expertise including application subject matter technical experts, software developers, business analysts, system testers and technical support staff. The team worked alongside internal staff and vendor staff to determine priorities, assess application interfaces and integrations, and determine data center platform readiness in preparation to move and support the applications internally.


Applications are ready to be moved once Data Centers are up and running. Capital One converted several resources to internal associates to continue knowledge transfer throughout the remaining transformation activities.